you are a lie

a poem by Dilen Marra, ’22

Trust me, I know a lot about lies
And you are a lie
You are the voice in the back of my mind
The voice that tells me that I will see the sun, the candle, and the fireflies
But, what lives inside of me can tell you otherwise
You are the voice that tells me to keep my head held high and look at the sky
When I look up at the empty sky, I can’t see the ground
I can’t see the sharp material on the path ahead of me
Because of you, I have a scar on me
The scar talks to me at night
It writes to me in cold dark blood, telling me it will never heal
The blood stops flowing from its crest once it says what it needs to say
At night, when I am afraid and when I’m trapped in the cage with reality
And when the darkness inside of me comes out to play,
I open the scar back up using the sharp material, for I yearn to talk to it
When the blood begins to flow again, I feel safe knowing that it can talk to me again
The scar you gave me tells me stories
It tells me stories about a magical scar
A magical scar that will help me in ways you never could
These stories of the magical scar create a glow inside of me,
A glow that shines an unidentified color
A glow that does not have your name
You are the voice that tells me that things will change
Oh, how foolish you were
You told me that I would never end up where I am now
This view used to make me smile, but only my scar smiles now
I could have been down there, living like a normal person
But, your empty words that I trusted brought me up here
I only seek the magical scar now
You lied to me
Oh, Hope, what a foolish name


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