staff bios

Editor in Chief:

Aaron Lai, ’23

Aaron likes to spend his time listening to music. Feel free to start a conversation with him about Hip Hop, Soul, RnB, Jazz, Pop, Latin Music, Rock, or anything you want! He prides himself in his bars and his ability to spit fire.

Managing Editor:

Vae Hong, ’25

Perpetually tired and a religious consumer of hibiscus tea, Vae spends most of their time curating overly-specific playlists and editing their pinterest boards. They’ll always be down to talk about their current favorite album or the latest chess drama. If you sit next to them during class, maybe they’ll draw you on the inside of their history packet.

Senior Editors:

Paul Awdeh, ’23

Paul likes to spend his free time reading, watching Netflix, and collecting the occasional snow globe. As a chronic worrier, he’ll often be found worrying about a test date that doesn’t seem to exist. Nevertheless, when not focusing on schoolwork he also enjoys trying different baked cakes (preferably chocolate).

Ivan Hwang, ’23

Last week he ate a three-day-old unrefrigerated scallion pancake, don’t do that. He’s afraid of newborns, slugs, avocados, and severe injury. He likes drawing, painting, being annoying, and refrigerated scallion pancakes.


Melina Jiang, ’24

Due to her highly introverted nature, Melinda spends most of her time holed up in her room or in a library. Her favorite pastimes are writing, playing Genshin Impact, drawing whatever she can find on Pinterest, and baking for others. She also likes tarot cards and arbitrary horoscopes to cope with the reality that the future is definitely not predictable through such means. Melinda is, quite frankly, very socially awkward and writes much better than she will ever speak… Don’t be too surprised when you meet her in person and realize that the difference is worse than Jekyll and Hyde.

Asia Foland, ’25

Often found stalking people’s Spotify listening activity to procrastinate, Asia loves reading, writing, and baking (banana muffins are her specialty). Her to-be-read list includes: The Harry Potter Series (maybe, she’s not sure if she’ll ever get around to reading it), any of Haruki Marukami’s books, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (as recommended to her by her father), and more Albert Camus. If she’s not practicing cello, you can most likely find her discovering random piano pieces on instead of playing her assigned repertoire. This year she hopes to use lots of red ink and listen to plenty of Kid Spitfire!

Joanne Zhang, ’25

Often found in the early mornings playing piano in a practice room or at the jazz band, Joanne is a self-proclaimed music enthusiast who heralds her incredibly disjointed Spotify playlists whenever she reads and writes. She can go on interminable tangents about the consequences of Rupi Kaur on modern poetry, the lorem of Phoebe Bridgers, and Kafka’s absurdism. Part of her life plan als outlines moving to Switzerland and herding cows for a living if the slightest inconvenience were to occur.

Denise Pan, ’25

Denise is an avid tennis player, underground music enjoyer, brownie critic, violin enthusiast and an above average artist. If you ever want to strike a conversation with her, bring up Swedish artists Bladee or Ecco2k or art collective Drain Gang. As a professional plant mom, she enjoys watching her pothos cuttings propagate and her avocado plant grow from its pit.

Alexis Lee, ’25

Alexis can be found curled up in her bed reading a great novel or rocking back and forth in a spinning office chair, panicking over the essay she procrastinated writing. She also enjoys playing piano, tennis, video games, baking, and learning about anything science or engineering related.

Staff Advisor

Mr. Henes