Editor in Chief

Arianna Baffa ’20

Arianna enjoys burying her nose in a good mystery novel while curling up next to her big, furry, and goofy dog Freddy. She spends her free time baking, fencing, singing, and finding any random activities (mostly watching Netflix) to do in order to procrastinate her schoolwork.  If you ever see her in the hallway, she will gladly accept any free and delicious snacks 🙂


Megan Eneyni ’21

Megan likes to draw, watch horror movies, and listen to music. Her favorite subjects are math and science. She’s excited to join Red Ink!

Anjali Jain ’21

Anjali is a flannel-sporting nerd with a love of reading, drumming, Netflix, Latin, sleeping, and saying she’s going to write more. Antisocial tendencies aside, she is thrilled to work on Red Ink this year and see all of your submissions. Unsurprisingly, her favorite quote is from Doctor Who: “We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one.”

Ava Kearney ’21

Ava likes reading, drawing, and writing in her free time. She is fascinated by mystery stories and art. She also enjoys animating on her computer and would do it all day if she could.

Michelle Lee ’20

Fairly low maintenance, Michelle enjoys the simple things in life such as hiking, doodling, and not thinking about her next test date. And as a chronic procrastinator, she’ll often be found rewatching episodes of Masterchef at the worst times possible or just dozing off. Other than Gordon Ramsay shows, she’s also passionate about films directed by Taika Waititi.

Elle Dunne, ‘21

Elle loves watching movies, watching Netflix when she’s not supposed to, and collecting books to be read until they pile up in her room (she enjoys reading them as well). In her free time, Elle writes and works on the Wellesley High School tech crew. She’s excited to be a part of Red Ink this year! She lives by the motto, “If writers wrote as carelessly as some people talk, then adhasdh adglaseuyt[bn[ pasdlgkhasdfasf.”

Isabelle Eneyni, ’21

Isabelle is very happy to join Red Ink. In Isabelle’s free time she enjoys watching TV. Her favorite shows are The Fosters and American Horror Story, and her favorite class is Chemistry. She also likes to play with her dog Luna, and learn songs on her ukelele.

Isabelle Collins, ’22

Hey! Meet Izzi, you guys. She’s been digesting words since those fresh elementary school days, right? (No, she’s not, don’t listen to a word she says.) Here’s some interesting quotes to keeps you scrollin’ for days. (she’s so cringy, it’s not even funny.) “I’m going to die,” -Stanley Hudson, The Office “Sorry I annoyed you with my friendship.” -Andy Bernard, The Office. She believes in eggo waffles, her mom, and her imagination.

Gemma Chatham ‘21

Gemma is excited to be part of Red Ink this year. She loves to draw, write, sing, and watch unhealthy amounts of YouTube. She believes in aliens and is 100% sure that her dog may be one due to his erratic and terrifying behavior. Her ultimate goals are to take over the planet and force everyone to worship her and to somehow change the world for the better. “BRING THE COCONUTS OR I WILL INSTANTLY CLAIM YOUR SOUL.” -Gemma Chatham.

Jacob Landau, ’22

Jacob loves to show off his set of colored flair pens and was instantly intrigued by red ink! He spends his free time killing it on the bassoon and rewatching the same shows on Netflix. If he were to pick an inspirational quote to put on one of his many postcards, it would be, “You look like a million bucks! I know you didn’t think I meant that to be hurtful, but…”

Mary Foley ‘21

Mary likes to read, watch movies, and hang out with her friends. Her favorite school subject is science. She likes soccer and listening to music. She is excited to join Red Ink.

Staff Advisor

Mr. Henes