staff bios

Editor in Chief:

Jacob Landau ’22

Jacob Landau, not to be confused with famed visual artist Jacob Landau, adores famed visual art. This year, as Editor-in-Chief, Jacob hopes to foster a creative and warm environment wherein students can enjoy red ink—the best club at Wellesley High School. In his free time, Jacob enjoys reading, cooking, teaching his grandmother how to use Skype, and taking deep dives into Spotify’s classical music playlists.

Managing Editor:

Aaron Lai, ’23

Aaron likes to spend his time listening to music. Feel free to start a conversation with him about Hip Hop, Soul, RnB, Funk, Jazz, Pop, Latin Music, Rock, or anything you want! He prides himself in his bars and his ability to spit fire.

Senior Contributing Editor:

Andrew Ng, ’22

Andrew—avid hot sauce enthusiast and composer of mediocre chamber music—loves reading Vonnegut and Tolkien instead of going to bed (often to the detriment of his sleep), hiking in the great outdoors, listening to a strange variety of music from The Traveling Wilburys to Stravinsky, and writing for Red Ink!


Jana Chan, ‘22

Fueled by an undying love for the winter season (both because of the weather and the holiday atmosphere), Jana spends most of her free time reading a good book, doodling, and building puzzles. If you ever decided to stalk her, you would probably see Jana watching shows like Law and Order, Criminal Minds, and the occasional Disney movie. She also loves to travel and hopes to set foot on all seven continent

Paul Awdeh, ’23

Paul likes to spend his free time reading, watching Netflix, and collecting the occasional snowglobe. As a chronic worrier, he’ll often be found worrying about a test date that doesn’t seem to exist. Nevertheless, when not focusing on schoolwork he also enjoys trying different baked cakes (preferably chocolate).

Staff Advisor

Mr. Henes