Editor in Chief

Arianna Baffa ’20

Arianna enjoys burying her nose in a good mystery novel while curling up next to her big, furry, and goofy dog Freddy. She spends her free time baking, fencing, singing, and finding any random activities (mostly watching Netflix) to do in order to procrastinate her schoolwork.  If you ever see her in the hallway, she will gladly accept any free and delicious snacks 🙂


Michelle Lee ’20

Fairly low maintenance, Michelle enjoys the simple things in life such as hiking, doodling, and not thinking about her next test date. And as a chronic procrastinator, she’ll often be found rewatching episodes of Masterchef at the worst times possible or just dozing off. Other than Gordon Ramsay shows, she’s also passionate about films directed by Taika Waititi.

Hayden Carr ’21

Hayden likes to spend her time running, working on photography, and doodling. She also enjoys traveling and writing. She is always up to rewatching her favorite movies for the hundredth time.

Jacob Landau, ’22

Jacob loves to show off his set of colored flair pens and was instantly intrigued by red ink! He spends his free time killing it on the bassoon and rewatching the same shows on Netflix. If he were to pick an inspirational quote to put on one of his many postcards, it would be, “You look like a million bucks! I know you didn’t think I meant that to be hurtful, but…”

Jana Chan ‘22

Jana likes to spend her free time reading a good book, doodling, swimming, and building puzzles. If you ever decided to stalk her, you would probably see Jana watching shows like Breaking Bad and Criminal Minds as well. In addition to her undying love for hoodies, she loves to travel and hopes to set foot on all seven continents.

Dilen Marra ‘22

Dilen likes to spend her free time doing creative writing, fishing, and playing golf. If you ask her about her parents, she will insist that her parents are Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe. If you ever decide to stalk her, you will find her watching Orange is the New Black for the hundredth time. In addition, Dilen also loves to travel and do charity work.

Staff Advisor

Mr. Henes