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beautiful, but ugly

poem by Anonymous

Being born ugly isn’t always bad.
Being born ugly can save you from being bought and sold like furniture.
But later you grow pretty. Continue reading “beautiful, but ugly”

chrysanthemums in snow

poem by Ramya Yandava ’17

Everyone thought they’d die
by the time December rolled around,

when the chill hit
and Mrs. B removed her wind chimes
and the birds all flew South Continue reading “chrysanthemums in snow”

basement (with the clock ticking)

poem by Lexi Todorov, ’17

You reach to your pocket
In response to an ersatz buzz,
Spend it like time does, constant and with certainty.
Hurry. Your time in the basement must be worth it,
A watch full of ladders—
Tears in your eyes, dear? They don’t matter.
The water’s getting higher now—
Shall you choose to swim or must you drown? Continue reading “basement (with the clock ticking)”

a haunted melody

poem by Rubina Daneschvar, ’17

A man’s fingers caress the keys of a piano by the window
A crowd gathers, hypnotized by the man
His fingers move up and down the instrument
In his mind an orchestra appears and plays him a lullaby
Outside the night is fading as the first glimpses of sun appear
Carriages are heard outside but the horses are entranced by the music
The music builds and his hands are firm but light Continue reading “a haunted melody”

seen: 11:46PM

poem by Gabby Clifford, ’16

Come see me
Because so easily I let myself
Be seen by those around me

And hardly seen
By those who secretly lie beside me

The crisp air and my nonchalant face
Hide my despair as I try to grasp the chair
I clumsily sit on and turn my head to the screen
And what I mean, this time, is to be seen
Continue reading “seen: 11:46PM”

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