Red Ink is the official literary and arts magazine of Wellesley High School in Wellesley, Massachusetts. This publication provides the student body with a chance to showcase artwork and writing of all styles. We believe, quite simply, that students should always have a chance to ‘make stuff’, present what they have made, and appreciate the creations of their fellow student-artists and -writers.

Wellesley High School’s mission statement highlights the importance of academic excellence, commitment to community, respect for human differences, and cooperative and caring relationships. We, too, uphold these values; after all, so much of art and literature is an ongoing effort to gain an improved understanding of the world. Please share your viewpoints with us through art and writing. We really want to learn from you.

Red Ink was founded in 2004; after struggling to get things off the ground, the club’s founders formed a community of students who love art and literature while producing print editions every semester. Unfortunately, one of the club’s co-founders passed away in 2008, but in his honor, our club community persists, as vibrant and esteemed as ever.

The magazine is published online. Though we offer themes and prompts from time to time, there are no real boundaries of what you can send us—so please send us everything.

Submit today!

Past Editors-in-Chief:

-2004: Richard Horan and John
-2016: Rachel Landau
-2017: Caterina Baffa
-2019: Hannah Landau, Rebecca Eneyni
– 2020: Arianna Baffa
– 2022: Jacob Landau
– 2023: Aaron Lai


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