Red Ink meets every Thursday after school in room 301 – stop by to help us review submissions, brainstorm advertisements, work on the website you’re reading right now, and simply have fun with your art and writing-inclined peers!

What You Can Do When You Join Red Ink…

Help us read, edit, and judge submissions:

Red Ink receives many amazing student submissions that need to be read and edited before we can publish them to our website. Review the works of your peers and judge our incredible contest entries! 

Help us with advertisements and social media:

Red Ink is always looking to get the word out about our fantastic club, via everything from posters to Instagram stories. Embrace your creative spirit to design a paper advertisement or use your social media savviness to craft a perfect post.

Help us work on the website:

Our site is forever a work in progress, and we’re always looking to revise old pages, add new ones, or even attempt a wholescale redesign.