Do you want your biography pasted on the biography page?

If so, attend a Red Ink meeting. We meet every Wednesday afternoon. Sometimes, we have food—other times, inside jokes—but we always have a submission to review, a page to redesign, or an advertisement to perfect.

Stop by and say hello!

What You Can Do When You Join Red Ink…

Be a Staff Reader

Staff readers help us decide when to post certain submissions and how much to edit said submissions. As our go-to community for literary feedback, the readers give suggestions for themes, blog posts, and announcements.

Serve as an Art Correspondent

Art correspondents keep us aware of the Wellesley art world. Reviewing art submissions and trying to gather a greater number of works from the art department, these crucial members also help us design advertisements.


We are currently working on some wacky ways to fundraise and would love individuals to join our team as managers! Aside from all the expected art and literature fun, managers will get to work on all things financial and technological.

Edit our Advertisements

Work with our editing team and help design and distribute funky advertisements. We do, of course, have a pretty particular aesthetic…