Second Residence

Because I could not run for home,

It kindly ran for me

Reminders, hints everywhere

Yet nowhere to run.

I saw the hope of travel diminished, 


How I mourned the road not taken.

Shivers down my spine, 


I can not help but think of the sights unseen.

Wonders in the place not visited.

Does home make you shiver,

Does it make me shiver?

But like a warm candle, the home has hope.

A place that holds answers to the questions long-held.

Are they real questions, or speculations,

All long resolved.

Someplace safe, it feels like at last.

A real safe, one with a lock and key.

Finally, one that’s open for me.

Realizations I will never forget.

This place is like a second home.

New wind, gusts that blew over me.

This a feeling of euphoria, of home,

My heritage.


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