Spring competition!

Hello all! Happy Spring!

Red Ink is proud to announce our Spring competition, the theme of which will be rebirth in honor of the change of seasons as well as Red Ink’s new marketing campaign! Examples of things you may choose to illustrate or draw may illustrate what rebirth means to you, or may take inspiration from the following prompts:

What does the changing of seasons mean to you this year?

What is something that has caused you to reinvent yourself?

How does the changing of seasons manifest in your own life?

Please submit a written or visual piece responding what the concept of ‘rebirth’ evokes for you. Email submissions to redinkmag@gmail.com to be included in the contest; winners will receive a prize and will be published on our website. To see the winners, return to redinkmag.com before Wednesday, 3/24 (must be in before 11:59 pm Tuesday to be considered).


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