Our Fall Competition!

Welcome back to 50 Rice Street, Wellesley High School!

This fall, we recall months spent in isolation and special gratitude for the moments of togetherness we were lucky enough to share. As such, we cordially invite you to participate in our fall contest, Transition.  Examples of things you may choose to illustrate or draw may illustrate what transition means to you, or may take inspiration from the following prompts:

How have your plans changed in the past six months?

How do you see the future? What does it look like?

How is the season of autumn reflect change in our lives?

Please submit a written or visual piece responding what the word ‘transition’ evokes for you. Email submissions to redinkmag@gmail.com to be included in the contest; winners will receive a prize and will be published on our website. To see the winners, return to redinkmag.com before Wednesday, 11/18 (must be in before 11:59 pm Tuesday to be considered)


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