toilet days ™

a short story by Libertad Vaughn, ’24

The door locks shut as the giant mass moves towards me. It comes closer, and corners me into the wall next to my friend that is forced to weep with a turn of a handle. Unable to move away, I see the crack that splits the monster in half come hurdling after me. I would have run away if those things hadn’t bolted me to the wall and trapped me in this white room. The figure heaves on top of me so my screams get muffled down the drain but my body refuses to break. Soon asteroids of fueled and foul- smelling rockets come down and break the silence covering my white painted body with only a mere clear liquid protecting our demise. The torture continues until the beast is done with its Qdoba Meat Lover Tacos and lets me rest. It pushes down my side as its leftovers go under to the unknown. Then it pounds over to my friend that cries hot and cold tears with a slippery square and leaves with the door open. It is quiet once again. Then I hear the figure’s offspring charge in with a similar motive to the one before. Oh crap. (Budum shhhhhhhh)


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