stars and stripes

a poem by Julia Rocha, ’21

“Immigrants come here to steal our jobs,” they say.
Yet the people who say that don’t want those jobs anyway;
Some immigrants work at Dunkin’ Donuts or McDonald’s just for minimum pay.

There are immigrants that have a job high up in companies;
Secured through hard work,
Just like everyone else, you see.

However they are mistreated and looked down upon,
Some have an accent since English isn’t their native tongue.
They are belittled for the way they talk,
Even when they’re just speaking on the sidewalk.

All ages and races,
Immigrants come for a better life
But some people believe the presence of immigrants is rife.

Stereotypes fill the air,
Some don’t “look” American and people care.
“Rapist”, “illegal alien”, “drug dealer” and other words are yelled,
The pain of these words can’t be handheld.
Immigrants are jailed in this world of stereotypes,
This is the country of stars and stripes.

home of the free
But some immigrants wonder,
“Does that really apply to me?”


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