a transformers movie review

a thoughtsharing* by Owen Conway, ’20

     I personally love the new Transformers movies. I can never understand why critics seem to hate all of the new remakes, especially considering the fact that the movie is about giant alien robots, and it has said giant alien robots. I never truly liked the generality of the third movie; it was good, but it was not as good as all the other three because it seemed to have too many coincidences and/or plot holes. Just some background info on the new remakes; they are directed by Michael Bay, who is know for using explosives in his movies. One of the main criticisms he gets is that his movies have no plot, which is not true at all.[Note that I do not use names to describe the plot, as I believe that it would be a bit “spoiler-y.”] The plot may be confusing, like saying that “Villain A” came to earth to find “plot device G (subcategory ancient and powerful),” then stating that his true intent was to rendezvous with “hero/villain B,” etc. But this is how I sum the plot up: Worldwide civil war kills planet, “Hero/villain B” tries to retrieve “plot device G,” instead crashes into the moon, so “Villain A” decides to get it himself…and dies from impact onto earth. This is more a backstory to what happens in the movies than the actual movies. There are two sides to the war, the Autobots and the Decepticons. I personally rarely ever like the third installment of the movies, but every time I watch it, I always find something to enjoy about it. Most people dislike the second movie, but in my opinion, I find it to be one of the greater movies in the franchise, as it is visually stunning, and although it may be a bit “touchy” on some subjects, I still find it to be better than the third.

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