thoughts on books

thoughtsharing* by Bianca Falcone, ’20

There are so many books in the world. It is amazing to think about all the unknown voices that could fill your head, all the unknown stories out there that could break your heart.

It is so upsetting that so many kids dislike reading.

Reading is taught to you as boring school work when it should been seen and taught as an amazing experience. It is a way to lose yourself in another world. The words leap off the pages and spring to your head, making the characters and plot come to life. Some characters are unforgettable while others are merely there to get the story to move on. Books have so many morals and lessons; so many life lessons that I know today have come from books like learning how friends and family are so important that we should never take them for granted. There are so many amazing books that open your eyes to topics you thought you understood before but really had no idea about.

For example, at the moment, my favorite book, Every Last Word, it is about a high school junior  named Samantha who has OCD, but she never tells anyone besides her family and therapist that she is constantly struggling with mind obsessing over little things and small thoughts that grow into scary nightmares in her head. Until Caroline. Caroline is a spunky sarcastic outcast who quickly becomes close to Sam and Sam pours out her life story to Caroline. It is full of laughs and makes you realize how unique everyone is and how accepting people are when you get to know them, but I don’t want to give the rest of it away, so you’ll need to read it to learn these lessons for yourself!

* “Thoughtsharings” are pieces of art, usually writing, in which members of the Red Ink staff and Wellesley High School community share their ideas and beliefs, with a particular emphasis on people’s thoughts about events and circumstances surrounding their current lives. Check right here on our website for regular thoughtsharings! *


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