basement (with the clock ticking)

poem by Lexi Todorov, ’17

You reach to your pocket
In response to an ersatz buzz,
Spend it like time does, constant and with certainty.
Hurry. Your time in the basement must be worth it,
A watch full of ladders—
Tears in your eyes, dear? They don’t matter.
The water’s getting higher now—
Shall you choose to swim or must you drown?
Don’t take a lie, don’t take a life,
Just hold yours close.
Favorite colors fade to bruises, shades of the earth
In peripheral vision, you’re on a mission;
Do you realize your worth?
The wind, the trees, they’re yours, you see,
Blatant screams cry silently.
Ticking, ticking…
You’re locked in the basement.
Spend it like time does, no matter the case,
And when your rock is ripped from under you, you’re lost in space.
Crystal rocks sit carefully, underneath the sea
Dreaming about the heavens that you wish to be.
Don’t wish too much,
For soon you’ll see
That no everlasting paradise is in your reach.
Sleeping eyes dream better lies, and
The truth
Into the stomach in which you are
rotten and cold.
What happens when you’re too strong for too long?
It’s morbid, so hold on, don’t let go,
Spend it like time does—
No waiting, no stopping, no regrets.
You’re lost in the basement
Running out
Running on it
And I miss you so much


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