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banana and the tape

a painting by Genevieve van der Wal, ’22

20200305_174150 (1)


a drawing by Iris Xia, ’22


david and the yak

a short story by Timothy Bonis, ’22

The morning two days before A. S. was supposed to travel home to Kensington for Easter, British Rail decided to strike. Mostly it was no issue; A. S. knew he would drive back to London and one of his roommates, David Blair, was a scholarship boy from Liverpool who didn’t go home for Easter holiday. His other roommate, Weetman Harold Miller Stewart, was a whole different kettle of fish; he was already the fourth Marquis of Badenoch and was already complaining. Continue reading “david and the yak”

april fools’ contest winner

The Red Ink staff would like to extend our congratulations to the winner of the Red Ink April Fools’ Contest! For our viewers, over the past few weeks Red Ink has hosted an April Fools’ themed contest and we’ve received some of the best submissions yet. The winner is:

Timothy Bonis, ’22 with his short story titled David and the Yak


a drawing by Iris Xia, ’22



a drawing by Iris Xia, ’22



a drawing by Iris Xia, ’22


cat cult

a short story by anonymous

The Amulet of Beatrice Walker gleams unnaturally in the moonlight, casting soft green shadows onto the ground. Frantic hands scrabble to climb up the mound of loamy dirt, scattering dust into the air, scattering dust into the thieves’ lungs, scattering coughs into the air—all muted with a signal from the small black cat seated at the foot of the mound. Continue reading “cat cult”


a short story by Evan Chu, ’24

I’m not fully human anymore after that incident in the mall…

Tokyo, 1994
My name is Ishiki Matsui. I killed Yamada Hiroki, my classmate and only friend, but it was just a part of my job. He was my prey, and simply a part of my income. I am an assassin. I don’t feel any sorrow because I am the predator, working for anyone that can pay me enough. I have no dreams, no emotions, just the desire to kill. Continue reading “thirst”

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