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a photo by Grace Bida, ’21


a photo by Grace Bida, ’21


a photo by Grace Bida,’21
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everything is fine

a poem by Chloe Fang, ’23

Everything will be fine, they say, as mothers and fathers fight desperately behind them, trying to keep their sons and daughters close to them. Everything will be fine. Continue reading “everything is fine”

only with a body

a poem by Emily Banthin, ’20

Today I walked through a hollow house
accompanied by figures with tattoos
made of silver crosses
hung from the tiny hairs of a neck.
Their eyes were open so wide
I was pretty sure their irises were held in place
by something I do not possess,
because my eyes would have fallen from their sockets,
onto the floor like rocks that make dents in the carpet.
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a metals piece by Michelle Lee, ’20

ML Bird 4.JPG

immanuel kant’s utilitarian earbuds

an essay by Jacob Landau, ’22

The lovely sheer of the alloys in her ear overwhelm the natural brightness of her blue eyes popping out of the mysterious shadows in her eyes. Her skin is of a pale rosy color, and yet instead the optic nerve is compelled to observe where the vestibule meets her cochlea and where the devil’s unfortunate return manifests itself in the auditory prowess of mammals. Continue reading “immanuel kant’s utilitarian earbuds”

the power of representation

a poem by Shaffaf Tariq, ’21

Not very hard
Not too bad
It’s been fine

Outsider, left out
Subconscious subtle exclusion
I feel different
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stars and stripes

a poem by Julia Rocha, ’21

“Immigrants come here to steal our jobs,” they say.
Yet the people who say that don’t want those jobs anyway;
Some immigrants work at Dunkin’ Donuts or McDonald’s just for minimum pay.
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