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a story by Erin Barry, ’19

On a newly refurbished porch in Hamburg, an old man stretches his weary back, knotted and twisted with long held aches from long ago exertion. His clothes are well tailored, with shiny buttons and a freshly pressed jacket. 

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blue moon

ring by Inara Pirani, ’19


steinbeck’s genesis

thoughtsharing by Rebecca Eneyni, ’19

I strongly recommend reading the book East of Eden by John Steinbeck, which I recently  read as part of my author thesis project. East of Eden follows the story of two families, the Trasks and the Hamiltons, as their lives intersect across generations. John Steinbeck reenacts the fall of Adam and Eve and the rivalry between Cain and Abel. As generations of the family fall into the pitfalls of their ancestors, East of Eden proves the phrase, “History repeats itself.” In describing the two families, Steinbeck explores the power of jealousy and the moral conflicts that coincide with it. Continue reading “steinbeck’s genesis”

necklace by Arianna Baffa, ’17


pitcher in pink

ceramic by Serelle Carr, ’19

image1 (4)


glasses by Sinclaire Vandvoort, ’17

SV EyeglassesCombo


ceramic by Sofia Fauza, ’19


a painting worth change

a story by Inara Pirani ’19


Letter from Di Alakija to Brooklyn Alakija

Wednesday, September 4th 10:35 AM

Hi Brooke,

How are you? I guess I’m okay. I woke up this morning, made a bowl of oatmeal (now that I live by myself– ha!), then I took the train to work (because I can’t afford a car or a cab). It is now lunchtime and I am checking my Facebook and writing you a letter. Continue reading “a painting worth change”

a transformers movie review

a thoughtsharing* by Owen Conway, ’20

     I personally love the new Transformers movies. I can never understand why critics seem to hate all of the new remakes, especially considering the fact that the movie is about giant alien robots, and it has said giant alien robots. I never truly liked the generality of the third movie; it was good, but it was not as good as all the other three because it seemed to have too many coincidences and/or plot holes. Continue reading “a transformers movie review”

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