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the one to blame pt. 2

an excerpt from a horror story by Inara Pirani, ’19

“Nice jacket by the way. You a big fan of the Bulldogs?” Logan asked, pointing to my varsity jacket. Oh man. Hockey. I always dread the sports-related conversations. I never keep up with this stuff, so I never know what to say. Hockey is boring; all you do is watch a bunch of dudes on steroids kick a puck around with a stick.
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the one to blame pt. 1

an excerpt from a horror story by Inara Pirani, ’19

     My stomach flip flopped as I followed my new principal, Dr. Trent, down the worn, rubber-lined steps of my new school. My legs felt like jello as Dr. Trent turned down a long hallway. I hated meeting new people. I’ve never been that outgoing person, who introduces themselves to everyone they see. What would I say to people?

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winter contest runner-up

photos taken by winter contest runner-up Syringa, ’19



click image to view animation by winter contest winner, Erin Barry, ’19

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 3.23.51 PM.png


Little Inkwells

A series of ceramics pieces by honorable mention recipient Serelle Carr, ’19.


winter contest winner

two photos taken by winter contest winner, Henry Binder, ’19LoneSkier.jpgMountainside.png


winter hat

a knitted hat by winter contest winner Inara Pirani, ’19


winter contest winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Red Ink Winter Contest! For our viewers, over the past few weeks Red Ink has hosted a winter themed contest and we’ve received many fantastic submissions.  We will be posting the works of the winners over the next weeks. The winners are listed down below:
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falling leaves

a poem by winter contest winner, ’21

They say that sticks and stones

Will break your bones

And words will never hurt you

But sticks and stones

When you’re all alone

Can make words stick like glue

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