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spring contest results

The Red Ink staff would like to extend a huge congratulations to the winners of the Red Ink Spring Contest! For our viewers, over the past few weeks Red Ink has had a spring themed contest and we’ve received a variety of submissions (watercolors, fashion lines, musical compositions). We’ve certainly had one of the most creative contests yet! The winners are down below:

1st place: Chloe Xie, ’19 with her watercolor

2nd place [tie]: Sophie Liang, ’19 with her ceramics piece, “Bee in a Flower” and Serelle Carr, ’19 with her heritage bowl

3rd place: Clementine Starck, ’19 with her spring fashion line




a musical composition by Audrey Wang, ’21

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 5.54.50 PM.png

click the image to listen!

the one to blame pt. 2

an excerpt from a horror story by Inara Pirani, ’19

“Nice jacket by the way. You a big fan of the Bulldogs?” Logan asked, pointing to my varsity jacket. Oh man. Hockey. I always dread the sports-related conversations. I never keep up with this stuff, so I never know what to say. Hockey is boring; all you do is watch a bunch of dudes on steroids kick a puck around with a stick.
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the one to blame pt. 1

an excerpt from a horror story by Inara Pirani, ’19

     My stomach flip flopped as I followed my new principal, Dr. Trent, down the worn, rubber-lined steps of my new school. My legs felt like jello as Dr. Trent turned down a long hallway. I hated meeting new people. I’ve never been that outgoing person, who introduces themselves to everyone they see. What would I say to people?

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winter contest runner-up

photos taken by winter contest runner-up Syringa, ’19



click image to view animation by winter contest winner, Erin Barry, ’19

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 3.23.51 PM.png


Little Inkwells

A series of ceramics pieces by honorable mention recipient Serelle Carr, ’19.


winter contest winner

two photos taken by winter contest winner, Henry Binder, ’19LoneSkier.jpgMountainside.png


winter hat

a knitted hat by winter contest winner Inara Pirani, ’19


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