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Life on the Docks

Essay from an anonymous student:

Call him David–that’s his name. And much like the Biblical King, he was young; nineteen years old, to be exact. Fresh out of high school and acclimating into his first semester of college, he decided to take a weekend off. He’d visit the docks—it would be nice, he thought. Free from the burdens of higher education,  would enjoy an afternoon by the seashore, the sea breeze running through his mane, the salt in the air tickling his tongue and leaving the fresh taste of ocean waters. 

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A Review of Thomas Piketty’s Capital and Ideology

An Essay by Andrew Ng, ’22

Although it is uneven, long, and at times dry and unconvincing, Piketty’s second major book remains an interesting analysis of the inequality through history and of our present-day politics. The scope of the book is incredibly ambitious, reaching from pre-revolution French inequality to modern-day Brazilian politics. But that ambition comes at a cost: the multitude of historical examples Piketty explains can feel unnecessarily long and sometimes makes the writing feel boring and repetitive. 

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Transition to Representation

A drawing by Julie Jameson-Clausen, Class of 2024

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A drawing by Emma Su, class of 2022

of auburn suns and frozen skies

A poem by Chloe Fang, ’23, winner of our transition contest

The leaves were vivid, 

burning with a carnelian-amber intensity. 

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Transition contest

The Red Ink staff would like to once again extend our congratulations—this time to the winner of the Red Ink ‘Transition’ Contest! Throughout the school year Red Ink has planned this transition themed contest; we’ve received some of the best submissions yet. Although there were many deserving submissions, we had to crown only one winner, who was:

Chloe Fang, ’23 with her poem titled “of auburn suns and frozen skies”

Congratulations once again and thank you to all who participated!


Drawing by Chloe Xie, who graduated from WHS in 2019.



Our Fall Competition!

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a vignette by anonymous, class of 2023

Smiling is a privilege. There are some who can wake up in the winter with short days and still be smiling when the orange sun sets, hiding itself away from the constant disruptive buzzing that hums on the ground.  Even there, there was a smile that was seen from miles away. 

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