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A Spring Letter From The Editor

Editor-in-Chief Jacob Landau, ’22

Sylvia Plath is said to have been a memorable soul—which should come as no surprise to anyone who has read The Bell Jar. 

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Together, Forever

You tap your foot with nervous excitement as you sit in the waiting room at the MIT Medical hospital. At first glance, the room looks like a typical foyer. However, the hospital has been a state-of-the-art facility for biotechnical research for the past decade. You glance around the room disapprovingly at the worn leather chairs, cheap paintings, wooden tables, and old magazines. Unfortunately, only the expensive holographic projector displaying the latest local news in the corner hints at the cutting-edge technology hidden inside the building. You drift away from the projector’s babble and think back to when you started your project, back when families still had televisions. Televisions! Children younger than teenagers have probably never seen one! Your gaze shifts back to the holographic projector, and you suddenly realize that even the newest technologies are about to become outdated. You can’t stop yourself from grinning with giddy excitement. After twenty-five years of research, trials, and disappointments put into your project, the world is about to be enlightened.

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March Competition: Deadline Extended

The deadline for our March Competition has been extended to March 30th, 2021. Remember to submit to before this deadline to participate. The winner will be announced on March 31st here. Email with any questions.

Submissions from our last competition!

Hello, WHS!

As many of you may know, Red Ink is currently hosting a competition. In that spirit, we thought we would share some of our favorite submissions from our last competition. Continue reading “Submissions from our last competition!”

Leaf Globe

By Jana Chan, ’22

Spring competition!

Hello all! Happy Spring!

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the sun and the bonsai tree

a painting by Iris Xia, ’22

Life on the Docks

Essay from an anonymous student:

Call him David–that’s his name. And much like the Biblical King, he was young; nineteen years old, to be exact. Fresh out of high school and acclimating into his first semester of college, he decided to take a weekend off. He’d visit the docks—it would be nice, he thought. Free from the burdens of higher education,  would enjoy an afternoon by the seashore, the sea breeze running through his mane, the salt in the air tickling his tongue and leaving the fresh taste of ocean waters. 

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A Review of Thomas Piketty’s Capital and Ideology

A review by editor Andrew Ng, ’22

Although it is uneven, long, and at times dry and unconvincing, Piketty’s second major book remains an interesting analysis of the inequality through history and of our present-day politics. The scope of the book is incredibly ambitious, reaching from pre-revolution French inequality to modern-day Brazilian politics. But that ambition comes at a cost: the multitude of historical examples Piketty explains can feel unnecessarily long and sometimes makes the writing feel boring and repetitive. 

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