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toilet days ™

a short story by Libertad Vaughn, ’24

The door locks shut as the giant mass moves towards me. It comes closer, and corners me into the wall next to my friend that is forced to weep with a turn of a handle. Unable to move away, I see the crack that splits the monster in half come hurdling after me. I would have run away if those things hadn’t bolted me to the wall and trapped me in this white room. Continue reading “toilet days ™”

the trapdoor

a short story by Lila Malek, ’24

It was one of those nights again. You know, those nights. When your parents have company over and your mission is for them to forget about your existence. My large four story, antique filled Victorian house is in a quiet town in Maryland. The town isn’t the only quiet thing here. I live alone with my dad in our unnecessarily large house. Besides the occasional check in from one of the cleaning ladies, I’ve kept myself in isolation from my father, your average CEO of a law firm, middle aged money man. I was in the middle of hiding in my room, watching Netflix and attempting to focus on homework, when my stomach growled, a well known plea for food. Continue reading “the trapdoor”

the scarecrow

a short story by Lily Jin, ’24

That frosty autumn night, a cold wind carried a lone soft whisper. The young lad was taking a stroll when he looked up, only seeing a smiling face of a straw scarecrow gently swaying in the wind. He scratched his head in confusion, swearing that he heard a faint voice. But as he walked past, the scarecrow’s button eyes followed his every move. Continue reading “the scarecrow”

life-changing hallway

a short story by Mia Hasselback, 24′

She had lived her entire life in this house, but she was still standing in a hallway she had never seen before. Her name is Blair. She is an obnoxious, bratty 16 year old girl. She was homecoming queen 2 years in a row at her high school in Charleston, South Carolina. She is the most popular girl at her school. She has it all: a boyfriend,David the football teams captain, many loyal and kind friends, good grades, and a loving family. She is an only child and lives in a massive modern house on the outskirts of town. But she was tired of everyone following her around, as everything revolving around her made her feel stressed out all the time. Throughout her life, she had always been the main attention. Everyone had always tried to be her friend. Blair never got a break from being “Homecoming Queen” or “The most popular girl.” She was tired of everyone looking to her for their decisions. She didn’t want everyone to see her as their superior for everything. Blair was done being the cheer team captain, and the dance teams’ MVP every year. Continue reading “life-changing hallway”

hit the slopes

a short story by Clara Renner, 24′

Zip! I closed my suitcase, then rolled it out into the hallway and down the stairs. It made a thud with each step I rolled it onto. “Can we keep this house quiet for ONE SINGLE second of the day?” Mom yelled from the kitchen.
“Yeah Caleigh,” Spencer said once I dropped my suitcase off at the front door and came into the kitchen. Continue reading “hit the slopes”


a drawing by fall contest winner Starly Li, ’23



a poem by fall contest winner Simon Zalesky, ’20

The leaves die but they will come again

The water freezes and it snows when

The darker times are out then

But do not fret or weep and cry

For summers coming the light will rise

There is no light without the dark

And there is no good without evil’s part

There’s one path and we must stand tall

Because Autumns colors are soon to fall

fall contest winners

The Red Ink staff would like to extend our congratulations to the winners of the Red Ink Fall Contest! For our viewers, over the past few weeks Red Ink has hosted a fall themed contest and we’ve received some of the best submissions yet. The winners include:

1st Place for Creative Writing: Simon Zalesky, ’20

1st Place for Visual Arts: Starly Li, ’23


a photo by Grace Bida, ’21
DSC_0052 (1).JPG

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