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a poem by anonymous, ’21

Sometimes your face is the equivalent of ‘what if’

If i could tell you that

Your smile could keep the stars
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a picture by Kira Carr, ’21unnamed.jpg

raw prawn

a drawing by Michelle Lee, ’20IMG_1888.jpg

what a hoot

a mug by Serelle Carr, ’19IMG_6190.JPG

some people

a poem by Rebecca Eneyni, ’19

Some people in this life

Have pure intentions,

Untainted kindness,

And blazing hearts,

Aching to be shared.
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christina’s world

a vignette by Emma Cieslik, ’19

The smoky, dense air surrounds me and the stench of gasoline and burning leaves fills my nose. My leg stings, the open flesh rubbing against the rocky and prickly terrain. My childhood home sits visible in the distance, but with each crawl toward it, the barn seems to retreat from my failing limbs. Continue reading “christina’s world”

army jacket

a poem by Anjali Jain, ’21

There will come a day

when a wire hanger will become

the bony pair of shoulders

that will bear

the worn-out weight of you.

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a poem by Shaffaf Tariq, ’21


Long before the sun rises


Don’t tell

But I never went to sleep in the first place

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a poem by Maia Foley, 19′

The skies of my eyes are

raining onto the slatted wooden

bridge beneath them;

the thick droplets, each one

containing enough damage to be

worth an entire hurricane,

drip onto the bars with an

arrhythmic “plink,

                        plank, plunk,”

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