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hit the slopes

a short story by Clara Renner, 24′

Zip! I closed my suitcase, then rolled it out into the hallway and down the stairs. It made a thud with each step I rolled it onto. “Can we keep this house quiet for ONE SINGLE second of the day?” Mom yelled from the kitchen.
“Yeah Caleigh,” Spencer said once I dropped my suitcase off at the front door and came into the kitchen. Continue reading “hit the slopes”


a drawing by fall contest winner Starly Li, ’23



a poem by fall contest winner Simon Zalesky, ’20

The leaves die but they will come again

The water freezes and it snows when

The darker times are out then

But do not fret or weep and cry

For summers coming the light will rise

There is no light without the dark

And there is no good without evil’s part

There’s one path and we must stand tall

Because Autumns colors are soon to fall

fall contest winners

The Red Ink staff would like to extend our congratulations to the winners of the Red Ink Fall Contest! For our viewers, over the past few weeks Red Ink has hosted a fall themed contest and we’ve received some of the best submissions yet. The winners include:

1st Place for Creative Writing: Simon Zalesky, ’20

1st Place for Visual Arts: Starly Li, ’23


a photo by Grace Bida, ’21
DSC_0052 (1).JPG


a photo by Grace Bida, ’21


a photo by Grace Bida, ’21


a photo by Grace Bida,’21
DSC_0187 (1).JPG

everything is fine

a poem by Chloe Fang, ’23

Everything will be fine, they say, as mothers and fathers fight desperately behind them, trying to keep their sons and daughters close to them. Everything will be fine. Continue reading “everything is fine”

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